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As an online Canadian CPA firm, we are virtually everywhere you are!

Big Firm Expertise.  Small Firm Values

AZ Accounting Firm is a cloud-based Canadian Chartered Professional Accounting firm that operates virtually, offering business owners a full set of remote services to meet all their business and personal financial needs. We provide corporate and personal tax returns as well as a complete range of accounting, tax planning and compliance services.
Corporate Tax

AZ Accounting Firm offers our business clients a full suite of tax related services, including Corporation Tax Return filings (T2).  As per Canada Revenue Agency (CRA), all resident corporations with the exception of crown corporations and resident charities, are required to file a corporation income tax return annually, even if there is no tax payable.

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Individual and Sole Proprietors

We walk you through the process as we know that it isn’t easy and that most people dread it. We will develop simplified solutions for all your tax-related requirements, and you will learn why AZ Accounting Firm is the tax accounting firm of choice in Toronto and across Canada.

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Bookkeeping and Compliance

Bookkeeping services that are adaptable and scalable. As your business grows, our services adjust to meet any new challenges. Rely on current information and financial reporting, and never fall behind on indirect tax compliance payments

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Advisory Services

We offer consultative services on the most common and strategic decisions you make on the daily operations of your business. Improve your ability to make good decisions. We advise on cash flow management, financial statement analysis, process improvements and more

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Incorporation Services

If your situation warrants it, we will create a corporation (Inc or Ltd), a professional corporation (PC) or a PREC for realtors. Deciding whether to incorporate your small business should involve an analysis of the pros and cons of your situation with your accountant.

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Accounting hasn’t changed – the way we do it has

  • QBO is Canada’s No. 1 accounting software
  • Automatic bank and credit card statements
  • Manage documents for all accounts
  • Pull bills and statements into one hub
  • Faster A/R and A/P cycle times
Cloud-Based Accounting
  • Data flows directly to accounting system
  • Ensures 24/7 access
  • Offers financial data in real time
  • Data security and encryption
  • Continual backups
Value-Based Pricing
  • Strategic pricing for customized solutions
  • No staff salaries, vacations or downtime
  • Only pay for time and technology you use
  • Never miss a costly deadline
  • Trained team of professionals

We offer our clients a diversified list of services designed to partner with you to make your business better – and your life better.

Our clients are entrepreneurs that need the relationship that AZ Accounting Firm offers.  We promote your growth, assist with process improvement, provide you with the knowledge and tools to make qualified decisions all while embracing
new-fashioned technology and old-fashioned values

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