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About Us

AZ Accounting Firm is proud of our personalized service to small and medium sized owner-managed businesses. We are well suited for a forward-thinking entrepreneur to automate his finance department using the latest technology available in the business marketplace, with the work done by experienced professionals and overseen by seasoned CPA’s. We have a presence across Canada, from Vancouver to Halifax – with many stops in between!
Our Team

As a CPA training office, we are able to attract and retain the most dedicated professionals in the industry. Our recruitment process involves a strict HR protocol, assessment testing, technical accounting testing, virtual meeting(s), reference check(s), and criminal and credit background checks. Each member of our team commits to engage in the highest standard of client care and conduct to ensure you are treated with professionalism and respect.

Our Technology

AZ Accounting Firm will modernize the way your business manages its finance and accounting systems. We utilize cloud-based technology to ensure accuracy, speed, security and ongoing information backups. This means that you can now benefit from software services that were previously only available to large multinationals.

Our Process

Our process follows business best practice procedures. Here is how we get to know you, your existing methods and your personal future goals.

First, we schedule a Discovery Call wherein we make sure we are a good fit for each other.  During this discovery call we find out all about you and/or your business and how we can help. Once we have established a plan, we lay out the terms of our agreement in an Engagement Letter. With our responsibilities clearly outlined, we then arrange for an Onboarding Session where we gather all of the information required to set you up on the path to an organized business and ensure compliance with your government obligations.

If you are seeking Monthly or Quarterly Bookkeeping Services, we will transition you on to a structured schedule which will provide a suitable solution for the daily demands of your business.

Value Based Pricing

We customize a package suited to your unique business needs and provide value-based pricing. This means that you pay only for services your business requires at any point in time.  We are flexible and adapt to meet these needs as your business grows.



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Doctors, dentists, chiropractors, therapists, fitness, home healthcare, nutritionists

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