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17 Jun Be Honest with Yourself

You aren’t a bookkeeper. You don’t want to be a bookkeeper. You never thought you’d be spending your evenings or weekends trying to figure out if an item is HST exempt or looking for lost receipts. But here you are. It’s November 2021 and you...

17 Mar Bookkeeping for Lawyers and Law Firms

AZ Accounting Firm provides the bookkeeping services required of lawyers and their obligations regarding their General Accounts and Trust Accounts. The general account is the firm’s operating account, and include the following: Deposit payments from clients that have been billed for completed legal services Pay the...

04 Oct Pros and Cons of a PREC

PRO: Once you incorporate, your brokerage will pay your commissions to your corporation and not to you personally as a Sole Proprietor. Your business profits are taxed at a corporate rate of 12.2% rather than a higher personal tax rate. PRO: A PREC will allow you...