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Connecting business to entertainment
Specializing in media, television and music industries

We offer our clients in the Entertainment field a diversified list of services designed to partner with you to make your business better – and your life better.

Our clients are entrepreneurs that need the relationship that AZ Accounting Firm offers. We promote your growth, assist with process improvement and provide you with the knowledge and tools to make qualified decisions all while embracing new-fashioned technology and old-fashioned values

The entertainment field can be a fun and exciting experience. But then there is the entertainment bookkeeping to be maintained and the tax returns that need to be filed. Less fun. AZ Accounting Firm is the leading accounting firm for entertainment professionals in Ontario, and across Canada

We know how challenging it can be to track your revenue and expenses while maintaining a busy schedule. Our system is designed to ensure that all of this gets done while you are a performer, producer or manager in the media, television or music industry.

We know that it is possible in this line of work to generate a great deal of revenue – and accumulate a great deal of wealth – all in a very short time. This is why AZ Accounting Firm takes your success very seriously. As you are an expert in your field, we are an expert in ours. You can rely on the financial expertise found at AZ Accounting Firm

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