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Personal Tax

Personal tax services across Canada

We walk you through the process as we know that it isn’t easy and that most people dread it.  We will develop simplified solutions for all your tax-related requirements, and you will learn why AZ Accounting Firm is the tax accounting firm of choice in Toronto and across Canada.

The team at AZ Accounting Firm is comprised of professional accountants with diverse business and entrepreneurial backgrounds. They are properly trained and academically well-versed to give you steadfast assistance in taxation and all of your accounting requirements. We are highly professional in our approach as tax accountants in Toronto.

Our personal tax return services include
  • Calculation of tax obligations including allowances and exemptions
  • Calculation of capital gains tax and associated relief options
  • Assist with the submission of repayment claims
  • Assistance with tax disputes
Why choose AZ Accounting Firm?

AZ Accounting Firm specializes in tax filings for individuals and sole proprietors and as such are fully equipped to focus on how to best address your goals and challenges.  All services are customized to meet your personal needs.

Who are our clients?

As the top-rated accounting firm for personal tax returns across Canada, we have expertise in preparing tax returns for salaried employees at all employment levels, as well as self-employed individuals, consultants and entrepreneurs.

Our areas of specialization include

  • Real Estate – agents, brokers, developers, owners and investors
  • Entertainment – media, television and music industry, performers, producers and managers
  • Legal – for sole practitioners and firms
  • Healthcare – doctors, dentists, chiropractors, therapists, fitness, home healthcare, nutritionists
  • Retail and Hospitality – restaurants, lodging, travel, recreation, and retail shops onsite and online
  • Communications and I.T – marketing, public relations, advertising, information technology and developers
Connect Today!

Connect today to learn how our tax preparation professionals can assist with the preparation of your personal tax returns.  We provide a free consultation and offer services at competitive rates.  We are here to support you.

Personal Tax Services and Sole Proprietors
  • Federal and provincial T1’s
  • Non-Resident tax returns
  • Foreign Property Disclosures
  • Tax credits and possible deductions
  • Respond to audits or assessments
  • CRA process reviews, objections
  • Voluntary disclosures

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